Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thanks Sensei :D

It’s getting freezing lately. I just feel crazy when every morning I see a couple decimal number in weather news.  But then I just amazed, wondering how perfect God creates my body, a humankind, can survive in a ranges of temperature. Though, I still need adaptation, man! (just typed this sentence while glancing at my dry-cracked skinned finger)
I did test today, though I still have 3 more next week. What I wanna say to my exam is : “thanks, you perfectly warmed my brain in this chill, lol”.
I got a nice experience this afternoon. It started when me and my friend decided to waiting for the exam time in BII building, in front of SALC (language center room) and also language teachers office in 1st floor. So, after we finished accounting class at 14.00, we did our plan. When we got there, I took a wudlu in bathroom since I need to pray dhuhr. Then, as usual, I walked to the place where I used to pray but I found people were practicing nihongo conversation there. Hmm, okay, it means I should find another space. Then I found that all the walled space were used for conversation practice.
My sensei was coming and friendly ask us,
S(ensei) : nani o shite iru no ? (what are u doing?)
My friend : hiru gohan o taberu sensei… (eating my lunch)
S : zakiya san wa? (and u, zakiya?)
Z : watashiwa, oinori o shitai, demo, doko ka wakannai (I want to pray but I don't know where I can do it)
S : Ahh..soo desu ka, asoko? Asoko? (ah, I see…how about there?)
Z : Hito ga iru… demo, daijoubu desu, watashi wa matte daijoubu (there were some people…but, it’s ok sensei, I can wait)
S : Ah, ii yo… kochi ii yo. (Ah, u can do it here- he brought me to the space behind sofa in the building’s lobby. He moved the sofa a little bit..)
Z : Koko daijoubu desu ka ? (is it ok?)
S : Mochiron yo (of course). Eee, shikaku ga aru? (do you have the rectangle things- it means sajada anw)
Z : Ah, arimasu. Arigatou sensei (I have it, thanks sensei)
Ah, alhamdulillah he understood me… :D
Well, before, he often told us what he knew about islam in front of class.  Among nihonjin I’ve know, he has better knowledge about islam. For common people, they might keeping their eyes on us, wondering what a strange series of movement we’ve done, or why we take off our shoes and wash our foot in wastafel. Thanks Senseiii…..
#btw, thanks Allah, I believe u sent your help through my sensei’s hand… And I believe u will make this matter easy when I still keep willing to do it . For having positive thinking of everything about you and your provision, I’ll always try..


ratriiiapik said...

semangat jekiii :D
alhamdulillah, subhanalloh :)

Yan Restu Freski said...

Subhanallah, Luar biasa.

NOERMA site said...

pertolongan Allah dimana-mana :)

ipho said...


Wulan Nur Jatmika said...

jekichan,daijobu desuka
watashitachiwa koko ni inoru kara
dakara, ganbaruyooo^o^9
anata ga sukida :*

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