Saturday, 15 January 2011

Having Future like them, can I??

In this chilly noon, I declare that I’ll keep up writing and sharing in such a routine once a year week as it was written in my this year resolution. (Oh God, don’t let me getting regret of making this resolution)

Anyway, today I wanna share about the last episode of my favorite Indonesian TV program, Kick Andy. This morning- just call it morning though in fact it was already late morning as my clock’s needle had almost pointed on double 1 number- I just woke up and as usual, got my hand touched my laptop spacebar to wake it up from his sleep. I checked my email, and 1 of numbers of my new email (I’d prefer to write it in this way-a numbers of new email- to make myself seems like an important person, than to be honest that it almost all spams, lol) is from my mother. “If you have time, watch Kick Andy,” she said. Okay, I was too lazy to start weekend with either doing my homework or study, so I follow my mom’s suggestion.

Then I went to the official website of Metro TV through the help of my lovely ojiisan, ‘google’. In short, I started watching the program. It is titled “getting success overseas”. Wow, they were such an amazing people. They’re stunning as well. They’re completely proved that Indonesian can make a great achievement. I was impressed that they had wonderful life journey, was brought up in a modest family (which their parent is farmer,vendor, etc), got continuous scholarship to study abroad till doctoral program, and lastly invented precious things to the world. Moreover, one of them, a 30-year-old girl, who got her doctor in the age of 28, failed in UMPTN (national selection to enter public university in Indonesia). I believed she had much hard work then she passed NUS selection.
Very WOW show!

~hmm, now wondering my future… Yossh…wake up jek, conduct your life in proper way!!Focus!

Beppu, Jan 15 2011, when the wind is perfectly blending snow outside, oh no


ratriiiapik said...

semangat jekiii :-*

*tidak lolos umptn,
tidak berarti membunuh masa depan anda
heheh, malah curhat :p

ザキヤちゃん ^^ said...

semangatt raaaatttttt ^^

Wulan Nur Jatmika said...

semangaaaattt kawankawan!!\m/

jekii,give your best yo!
dengerin indovers-nya project pop jek,apik^^

ratrii,kamu bisa!^o^

wee,kamu juga bisa!:D

ipho said...

tuk u tuk u tuk..

bonjour jekiii..

tuk u tuk u tuk..

Ratna Sumaryono said...

Man Jadda Wa jada !!! (Setiap diri akan mendpt sesuai usahanya). Lakukan yg terbaik,dan lihatlah... Allah pasti beri yg terbaik utkmu. SSStt. ini ibu, aku lupa passwordku, jadi nunut punya bapak, he he

Melisa Pramesti Dewi said...

semangat Jekiiiii \m/

annisa said...

ganbatte kudasai zakiya san......salam kenal^^

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