Friday, 11 March 2011

Morning Sick

Good Morning!
It’s been long time I didn’t write anything. Oh my ghost, when will myself get a writing habit??!! I’m a little bit being under pressured since I found my self in an awful laziness… :((
These days I always wake up late, getting myself in dream land again after praying subuh. Then, finally I’ll be truly wake up at around 11. And what I wanna say is, Facebook, You are such an addictive enemy! Yah, I’m really addicted in what they say social network. It was really hard to get free from it as internet connection is being one facility in my dorm.
Then in the afternoon, I have saman dance practice for performance in some events. Oh, I’m really being helped of this activity, I can’t imagine if I don't have any practice, What will I do???? I’ll be immersed myself in Cyberworld, I guess.
In night, sometimes I have circle activity. If not, I spend few time with my friend to do our holiday study program. I hope this program is worked till the end of holiday.
I still have a lot of things to do in my holiday. I wanna have a superb progress of a lot of skills… Oh my God, If only I have grand spirit…
Ok, I’ll try to make a list of things to do :
1.    Studying Intermediate Japanese to have before-class preparation
2.    Studying English! Specially to elaborate vocabularies in writing. I was really really feeling unconfident with by writing
3.    Writing some articles
4.    Load of novels to read
5.    Finishing blog about halal food information in Beppu
6.    Find any part time job
7.    Etc…
Oh, I really need to collect my energy to against my sluggishness!!!